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Crown Poker Machine – What Is It All About?

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Crown Poker Machine – What Is It All About?

When I moved to Las Vegas, a friend and I were searching for a new casino game to play, one that we could start playing in our hotel room at night without having to drive somewhere to do so. We both started looking around at the Crown Poker machine that was in the corner of the slot. Not being a huge fan of slots I figured there was no way that I would be able to play at the Crown Poker machine; I’m not a big bet person and I find it hard to deal with losing.

I was very wrong though, because the Crown Poker machine was a real game changer for me. I had never really played any type of poker before, but when I walked into the Crown Poker machine I was instantly taken back to the exciting feeling that I get when I am playing casino games like craps, blackjack or craps/quick pick with friends. I was hooked. I would go to other Crown poker machines and join in with the crazy games that were being played that night.

A friend of mine took me out on a four-day Vegas casinos tour and when we arrived we hit the casino town and started looking around. When we left we went right past the Crown Poker machines. We just kept walking down the casino strip until we got to the hotel where I had stayed the night before. It was really strange to be there at night and not to see the Crown Poker machine.

All of a sudden I looked back and realized that I didn’t know what to do. It was one thing to come out of the casino I was in and see the Crown Poker machine in the corner, but to be out here in Vegas alone is another story. What can I do? What did I do? I had to find out what the Crown Poker game was all about.

I decided to go up to the receptionist and ask her for directions to theCrown Poker machine. I explained that I was a friend of his and wanted to ask him if he knew where the Crown Poker machine was. The receptionist asked me if I had a group of friends who might want to play and I said sure, why not.

The next day when I went to see the Crown Poker machine again, it wasn’t there; I felt really bad about not knowing where it was. I went around the corner to the boardwalk area and it was there, but it was empty too. I went back around the corner to the receptionist’s office and asked her what had happened to the Crown Poker game.

She told me that a few people from her office had come over for lunch and had not returned after dinner. It was very suspicious. That night I sat down with my good friend and asked him to go on the internet and check the game out; he said that he had a hunch that someone had stolen the Crown Poker machine and that it was back where it belongs.

My friend said that he wasn’t going to lie to me anymore, I was going to have to play the game at the Crown Poker machine. So I did. I haven’t been back since.